Plastic wall tile was introduced in the early 1950's as an inexpensive yet stylish and modern alternative to ceramic tiles, which were more expensive and labor intensive to install. Plastic, a new product, was being introduced into all aspects of household life at this time. Lightweight plastic wall tiles were quick and simple for homeowners to install using adhesives instead of mortar. No grout needed! Some companies, like Interlock, took it one step further and made their tiles interlocking, truly a fool-proof product. Aging, cracked plaster walls were covered over by plastic tile in bright colors throughout the 1950's and 1960's. We have a lot of plastic tile in stock at any given time here. Here is a sampling:

Here is some info about the companies that were making this stuff back in the day too:

Columbus, Ohio
C.F.Church Mfg. Co.Holyoke, Massachusetts
Pittsburgh Interlock Tile Co. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Coronet Plastic Wall TilePittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Artcrest Plastics Co. or Artcrest Products Co.Chicago, Illinois

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