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Porc-a-Fix Porcelain Repair Paint Kit

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Porc-a-Fix Porcelain Repair Paint Kit
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Porc-a-Fix Porcelain Repair Paint Kit

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Porc-a- Fix® is the only porcelain repair product with specific color matches to the major porcelain bathroom fixture and kitchen appliance manufacturers. Porc-a-Fix® is a unique, one-step process to repair unsightly chips, scratches and other imperfections in porcelain tubs, sinks, toilets, washers, dryers, kitchen appliances and tile. This includes porcelain on steel, cast iron or clay (ceramic).

Available in all the current colors and shades of white, Porc-a-Fix® is also available in the colors the manufacturers stopped producing 10, 15, 20 even 25 years ago (or more), but which are still prevalent in bathrooms and kitchens around the world today.

More colors available that aren't on the chart, please contact us to check if your color is available. Please check the "FAQ" tab for more information.




 Please look at the Porc-a-Fix Color Chart.


Contents of Kit:

  • One ½ ounce bottle of Porc-A-Fix touch-up glaze in the matching OEM color you purchased
  • One brush-tip applicator (inside cap)
  • Two sections of finishing paper (220 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper)
  • Complete instructions

Item Options
American Standard White AS-1
American Standard Bone AS-7
Kohler Almond KK-28
Eljer-Murray Peach Bisque EM-23 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Saffron Yellow AS-28 (Add $9.05)
Kohler French Vanilla KK-30 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Harvest Gold BR-9 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Ming Green AS-3 (Add $9.05)
Crane Lavender CA-15 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Dresden Blue AS-23 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Avocado KK-8 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Regency Blue AS-5 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Venetian Pink AS-10 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Raspberry Puree KK-32 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Sterling Silver AS-33 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Country Grey KK-22 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Black KK-14 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Shell AS-34 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Pink Mist AS-31 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Heather AS-36 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Pink Champagne KK-11 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Sea Mist Green EM-24 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Biscuit KK-46
American Standard Bayberry AS-9 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Cerculean Blue KK-6 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Daydream AS-71 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Americana Brown AS-17 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Light Turquoise AS-45 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Avocado AS-15 (Add $9.05)
Crane Avocado CA-10 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Silk EM-42 (Add $9.05)
Basic Color - Bright White BS-1
Kohler White KK-1
Kohler Parchment KK-21 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Fawn Beige AS-11 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Wild Rose KK-26 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Bone BR-13 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Fawn Beige BR-14 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Natural/Bone EM-14 (Add $9.05)
Crane Shell Pink CA-2 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Euro White AS-68 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Sea Foam Green KK-41 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Linen AS-69 (Add $9.05)
General Electric Avocado GE-20 (Add $9.05)
Briggs White BR-1 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Evergreen KK-27 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Teal KK-42 (Add $9.05)
Crane Platinum Gray CA-23 (Add $9.05)
Crane French Gray CA-9 (Add $9.05)
Crane Buttercup Yellow CA-24 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Sea Green BR-3 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Warm White - AS-66 (Add $9.05)
American Standard White Heat AS-60 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Fawn Beige EM-26 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Mexican Sand KK-10 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Tuscan Tan EM-4 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Twilight Blue EM-5 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Heron Blue KK-39 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Coral BR-2 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Venetian Pink BR-17 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Sky Blue - BR-5 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Regency Blue Br-19 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Fawn Beige BR-14 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Tampa Sand BR-16 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Fresh Green KK-12 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Sandstone BR-4 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Candlelyght AS-50 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Persian Brown AS-4 (Add $9.05)
Case Peach Blow CS-14 (Add $9.05)
Crane Suntan CA-4 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Black AS-52 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Parchment BR-22 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Royal Silver BR-23 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Pearl Gray BR-8 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Bisque AS-86 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Rhapsody Blue AS-64 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Manchu Yellow AS-6 (Add $9.05)
Eljer Murray Platinum EM-25 (Add $9.05)
Crane Cameo CA-12 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Navy KK-31 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Desert Bloom KK-43 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Spruce Green KK-3 (Add $9.05)
Porcher White PR-1 (Add $9.05)
Eljer Harvest Gold EM-9 (Add $9.05)
Crane White CA-1 (Canadian) (Add $9.05)
American Standard Classic Turquoise AS-46 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Peachblow KK-2 (Add $9.05)
Eljer Murray Pastel Green EM-3 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Spice Mocha AS-12 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Avocado BR-10 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Biscuit BR-26 (Add $9.05)
Gerber Spanish Gold GB-21 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Roussillon Red KK-61 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Peach Blossom AS-49 (Add $9.05)
Universal Rundle Verdent Green UR-3 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Coralin AS-2 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Sea Salt KK-90 (Add $9.05)
General Electric White GE-05 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Classic Mink AS-48 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Ivorie de Medici (Add $9.05)
American Standard Rain Forest AS-67 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Tan KK-116 (Add $9.05)
Rohl Shaws White RH-3 (Add $9.05)
Bootz Biscuit BZ-3 (Add $9.05)
Bootz Bone BZ-2 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Light Gray BR-42 (Add $9.05)
Shaws Biscuit RH-4 (Add $9.05)
Shaws White RH-3 (Add $9.05)
Bootz White BZ-1 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Tang Red AS-81 (Add $9.05)
Eljer Murray Chateau Gray EM-72 (Add $9.05)
Eljer Murray Cocoa EM-19 (Add $9.05)
Crane Bone Mushroom CA-36 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Harvest Gold KK-9 (Add $9.05)
Eljer Murray Colonial Yellow EM-6 (Add $9.05)
Universal Rundle Silver Gray UR-14 (Add $9.05)
Gerber Bone GB-17 (Add $9.05)
Shaw Parchment RH-7 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Platinum AS-8 (Add $9.05)
Ceco Sinks CE-3 Biscuit (Add $9.05)
Briggs Shell BR-27 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Lilac AS-79 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Claire de Lune Blue AS-55 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Orchid of Vincennes AS-25 (Add $9.05)
Crane Carnation Pink CA-48 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Vermont Blue KK-45 (Add $9.05)
Allia Pergame Biscuit RH-2 (Add $9.05)
Norris Papyrus NR-9 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Sunlight KK-64 (Add $9.05)
Crane Citrus Yellow CA-7 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Coral Blush EM-2 (Add $9.05)
Crane Sterling Silver CA-34 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Tender Gray KK-36 (Add $9.05)
General Electric Pink GE-35 (Add $9.05)
General Electric Coppertone GE-30 (Add $9.05)
Universal Rundle White UR-1 (Add $9.05)
Universal Rundle Jonquil Yellow UR-6 (Add $9.05)
Universal Rundle Azure Blue UR-5 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Suez Tan KK-4 (Add $9.05)
General Electric Harvest Gold GE-40 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Blush (Add $9.05)
Mansfield Royal Gold MS-18 (Add $9.05)
Mansfield French Vanilla MS-12 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Colonial Blue AS-18 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Almond EM-18 (Add $9.05)
Kohler New Orleans Blue KK-13 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Ice Gray KK-44 (Add $9.05)
Norris Alpine Green NR-2 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Aspen Green KK-23 (Add $9.05)
Crane White CA-31 (US Version) (Add $9.05)
Universal Rundle Desert Tan UR-4 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Thunder Gray KK-35 (Add $9.05)
Mansfield Classic Bone MS-2 (Add $9.05)
Mansfield Natural/Almond MS-16 (Add $9.05)
Mansfield Antique Lace MS-3 (Add $9.05)
Case Regency Blue CS-25 (Add $9.05)
Case Sky Blue CS-29 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Harvest Gold AS-14 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Twilight Blue EM-5 (Add $9.05)
Eljer Murray Sunny Green EM-7 (Add $9.05)
Eljer Murray Victoria Green EM-71 (Add $9.05)
Crane CA-52 Orchid Pink (Add $9.05)
Kohler Skylight KK-52 (Add $9.05)
Toto Cotton White TO-1 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Misty Rose EM-12 (Add $9.05)
Houzer White HZ-1 (Add $9.05)
Norris White NR-1 (Add $9.05)
Richmond Azure Blue RM-5 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray Creamy Yellow EM-22 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Jersey Cream KK-38 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Cream City KK-58 (Add $9.05)
Toto Colonial White TO-2 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Loganberry AS-65 (Add $9.05)
Universal Rundle Spring Yellow UR-11 (Add $9.05)
Briggs Special Vanilla BR-24 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Honeydew AS-40 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Bermuda Coral AS-19 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Light Mink AS-47 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Sunrise KK-7 (Add $9.05)
Mansfield Biscuit MS-20 (Add $9.05)
Crane Sky Blue CA-5 (Add $9.05)
Briggs BR-49 Steel Tub White (Add $9.05)
Universal Rundle Doeskin UR-23 (Add $9.05)
Universal Rundle Mushroom UR-33 (Add $9.05)
Mansfield White MS-1 (Add $9.05)
Crane Biscuit CA-35 (Add $9.05)
Whitehaus Sapphire Blue WC-3 (Add $9.05)
Sterling White SG-1 (Add $9.05)
Rheem-Richmond Fern Green RM-3 (Add $9.05)
GB-14 Gerber Almond (Add $9.05)
Lasco Bone LS-2 (Add $9.05)
Ferguson Pro Flow Biscuit PO-2 (Add $9.05)
Universal Rundle Creme UR-9 (Add $9.05)
Kilgore Bone KG-2 (Add $9.05)
Kilgore KG-3 Almond (Add $9.05)
Kilgore KG-7 Fawn Beige (Add $9.05)
Kilgore KG-11 Parchment (Add $9.05)
Kilgore KG-10 Mexican Sand (Add $9.05)
Toto Ebony TO-6 (Add $9.05)
Norris Lilac NR-20 (Add $9.05)
Gerber White GB-1 (Add $9.05)
Maax White MX-1 (Add $9.05)
Eljer-Murray White EM-1 (Add $9.05)
Gerber Dawn Blue (Add $9.05)
GB-5 Gerber Wedgewood Blue (Add $9.05)
GB-5 Gerber Wedgewood Blue (Add $9.05)
Pro Flow White PO-1 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Heron Blue KK-39 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Skylight KK-52 (Add $9.05)
Gerber Petal Pink GB-2 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Arctic White AS-75 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Bemis Blonde - AS41 (Add $9.05)
Case Bermuda Coral CS-15 (Add $9.05)
Whitehaus White WC-1 (Add $9.05)
Toto Sedona Beige TO-3 (Add $9.05)
Toto Bone TO-4 (Add $9.05)
Toto Gray TO-5 (Add $9.05)
Kohler Innocent Blush is KK-40 (Add $9.05)
American Standard Surf Green AS-13 (Add $9.05)
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Item Reviews
Appears to be a perfect match!
Appears to be a perfect match!
It took two attempts to get the correct color since we weren't sure who manufactured the 1950's vintage tub. I was only billed once. In the end, the color appears to be a perfect match. Jury is still out on longevity. The folks at Period Bath were very helpful, as was the manufacturer (Fixture Fix). Most importantly, my client is very happy with the results.
- Waddill Services, LLC
Porcelain Repair
Porcelain Repair
Excellent product, matched perfect. Good shipping time.
- Don G.
Perfect match
Perfect match
I am very impressed with this product. After sending a color card, I received my sample in the mail and the color matches perfect. Easy to apply, fast drying. Couldn't be happier with this product. Customer service was fast and friendly as well. Definately a well deserved 5 star rating from a very satisfied customer.
- Mandy A.
Porcelain repair paint.
Porcelain repair paint.
Chipped the paint pretty bad on my 1956 tub. Used the paint. worked really well. I did not order the correct color. my own fault. But i can live with the repair being a slightly different color. It was a thicker paint than what i thought it was going to be, it filled in really nice. Used 400 grit sandpaper to feather it in. Nice product. Hopefully it will last.
- Dennis
Tub chip
Tub chip
This product is excellent. I received great help determining the proper color and the application is very easy. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to repair a chip.
- Bob Cioffi
Easy fix for 20 year old bath tub
Easy fix for 20 year old bath tub
I used the site to help me select the correct product and they responded right away. Delivery was on time and the results were as expected. I had to cover up a dime sized chip in the bottom of the bath tub. 21 year old Briggs white bath tub. It worked fine. I used 2 coats. I didn't bother sanding it. I may do that later.. You can notice the covered up spot but only if you look closely. Its good enough especially since we put a mat on bottom of tub.
- Anonymous
Color matches fairly well
Color matches fairly well
But a little uneven, with a slight grayness in the center and a whiter edge. Good enough for the purpose. Easy to apply. Expensive for just a spot touch-up.
- Anonymous
Good product
Good product
Much thicker than other similar products I've used in the past., which made it easier for me to apply without drips, even in areas with deep chips. Color match was quite good. I highly recommend it.
- Sue
Perfect color match!
Perfect color match!
Had a great experience with this product. Used it after using rust and filler products. Unsightly blemishes are gone. If someone is sitting in the bathroom with too much time on their hands, they will notice the repair, because the surface texture is not exactly consistent with original. However, the repair is good enough I don't need to replace my tub and I am happy with how it looks.
- Shelly
Color was too light
Color was too light
We did all the right things to get a color match but after application, the paint was a few shades too light.
- Montie Gauss
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Item Reviews
Porc-a-Fix Porcelain Repair Paint is excellent
The Porc-a-Fix product matches the original color perfectly and it is very easy to apply. The product is well worth the price and it can add life and beauty to your home again without expensive repair or replacement bills. Would buy it again.
John K Hildebrand
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