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Antique Dark Yellow Terra Cotta Tile-In Soap Dish (Mosaic Tile Co Sienna Brown)

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Antique Dark Yellow Terra Cotta Tile-In Soap Dish (Mosaic Tile Co Sienna Brown)
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Antique Dark Yellow Terra Cotta Tile-In Soap Dish (Mosaic Tile Co Sienna Brown)

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This is a dark yellow/brown antique terra cotta tiled-in soap dish made by the Mosaic Tile Company of Zanesville, Ohio. This soap dish does have ridges to help keep the bar soap dry. This soap dish is in excellent condition. This dark yellow/brown terra cotta accessory most closely matches Mosaic Tile Co's "Sienna Brown" color to our staff, but we cannot guarantee that is the exact color. Most bathroom retro-renovations would need at least one tiled-in soap dish to one side of their bathroom sink. The other side would have had a cup or toothbrush holder, or perhaps a second soap dish. We are selling a matching cup holder in a separate listing. Please check the Antique Cup & Toothbrush Holder Category to purchase this item.

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The Mosaic Tile Company was incorporated in Zanesville, Ohio in 1894. They specialized in octagonal, hexagonal, and square floor tiles as well as artistic tile murals. They later specialized in vitreous and semi-vitreous floor tile. The company was open for 73 years and was dissolved in 1967. By the 1920's, the company had become one of the largest producers of ceramic tiles in the country. They ended up acquiring the Atlantic Tile Manufacturing Company of Matawan, NJ. The company had a distinctive glazing style that you can recognize by the satin or matte finish as well as more artisanal finish that isn't totally opaque like other tile companies. The term they used for that tile was "faience" and it refers to the plastics process that was used to apply the glaze to the ceramic tile. Mosaic Tile Co stopped producing the faience tile in the late 1950's, unable to compete with Japanese and other foreign companies.
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