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Shelf Back Lav Faucet
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Shelf Back Lav Faucet
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4" to 6" Adjustable Centers

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Bathroom  Faucet set
Bathroom Faucet set
I am really happy with my purchase. They are the EXACT of what I have in my bathroom. Can't believe I got them. Now all I need is to find a light blue sink and I will be in business.
- Daniel Zurek
Generally satisfactory - functional
Generally satisfactory - functional
1.) The centers are 4 inches for the 1950's bath lav where this lav set was installed. But the plumber still had to make adjustments to the purchased lav set so that it would fit. 2.) The stopper is too close to the bottom of the sink and causes the sink to fill each time I turn on the water. The connector is too short for the old sinks I have. 3.) I was disappointed to find that the faucet handles are hollow, unlike the original ones from the 1950's. It's functional.
- Anonymous
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