Archivo Tile Collection

Archivo Tile Collection

Reflecting the beauty of Spanish culture and design, the Archivo Collection transmits the splendor of old-world European elegance. Featuring a buttercream base glaze, warm sepia tones gradually darken the edges for an antiquated look. Muted aqua blue and denim blue tones craft a stunning encaustic design that blends to create continuity throughout the installation. Imitations of scuffs and spots that are the marks of well-loved, worn, century-old tile bring rustic charm to your interior. Slight undulation throughout the smooth surface and asymmetrical edges convince that this tile is handcrafted. There are 4 different variations available that are randomly scattered throughout each case. With the ability to be paired with the rest of the encaustic-inspired Archivo series, this tile can also make a governing statement on its own. Use this robust tile in most interior settings, including kitchens, foyers, fireplaces and some commercial settings.

Reminder: Each case contains a random mix of tiles. The mix may not contain all 4 variations. 

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